Most tumoral diseases can be prevented and a large percentage can even be cured, yet each year, thousands of people still die.
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Patients Guide in Kovacs’ words

CellAdam in Ádám Kovács' Words

The most important effect CellAdam has is necrosis on the tumor. This means that it destroys the tumor cells, it tears them to pieces. Moreover, the activation of the P53 gene prompts the cancer cell to commit voluntary cell "suicide."

In other words, CellAdam uses two mechanisms to attack tumor cells. A great deal depends, however, on the biopsy. There are certain cells which react very positively to CellAdam.

Such cells include breast, lung and large intestinal cancer cells, melanoma malignum and certain types of obstetric tumors. What I can achieve with patients depends - as well - on the size of the tumor. When someone comes here with an advanced tumor of 10 x 5 cm, which occupies nearly the entire lung, no one should expect that this will completely be cured.

However, if - as a result of CellAdam treatments - the tumor becomes smaller, is isolated and doesn't spread any further, that in itself is an incredible achievement! That may allow the patient to stay among us for a few years longer.
This same situation applies to obstetric tumors. It is important to note the speed with which the tumor grows and how quickly CellAdam can tear it down. If we can find a dynamic balance between the two factors, even large tumors can be treated and blocked. That is the most important effect that CellAdam has.

However, as CellAdam consists of several active ingredients, it has several positive side effects. One among these is the manner in which it assists the cellular elements of the immune system to multiply in appropriate proportions.

Consequently, the immune system cells produce so-called immune hormones. Immune hormones are present in our systems to a minimum level already. However, when they are called upon to suddenly begin working, they need to increase their number tenfold. CellAdam plays a very important role in this catalization.

Even with tumors such as breast cancer or melanoma malignum, where necrosis cannot be achieved, the desired effect on the immune system is attained. Therefore, it is of help even in those cases where CellAdam cannot disintegrate tumor cells directly. It is also important to note that CellAdam has a moderate blood thinning effect. It is well known that a cancer cell will surround itself with platelets much as a porcupine covers itself in leaves and thereby moves with the flow of the blood. When it stops, other cells attach themselves to it creating a thrombosis, a sort of conglomerate.

However, CellAdam's minimal blood thinning effect prevents the union of these tumor thromboses. CellAdam, therefore, reduces metastasization while helping the system in dealing with tumor cells, obstructing them in forming masses.

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