Most tumoral diseases can be prevented and a large percentage can even be cured, yet each year, thousands of people still die.
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Philosophy of CellAdam


What We Do:

The CellAdam© Group for Cancer Research functions as a link between you and a world of complex, confusing scientific data and studies available today. Our years of cancer research coupled with the co-operation of other researchers and our access to all of the latest scientific studies and medical information (deemed necessary for understanding the whole picture in cancer prevention and treatment) allow us to present this jargon in a format that is easy to comprehend and, thus, more effective in the prevention or treatment of cancer.

CellAdam Agents:

The effects of the CellAdam agents are best understood by examining the information flow among the cells. Taking this approach, the cancerous cells are viewed independently of their environment. Intercellular communication ceases, the cell builds a shell (mask) around itself and cell multiplication becomes uncontrolled. The deviant cells acquire energy intensively as well as the other elements necessary for sustaining reproduction.

The CellAdam test indicates the failure of intercellular communications, i.e. the malignant multiplication of cells. In addition to the previously mentioned therapeutic effects, a very important feature of the CellAdam agents is their analgesic effect that is exerted to the very end of the cancerous process. Narcotic drugs are not needed at all or hardly needed, the patient\'s disposition is improving, his or her general state is more human. Last, but absolutely not least, CellAdam is not toxic, not even are the manifold of the therapeutic dose.

All the CellAdam products and the MIT try to restore the failed communications between cancerous cells and their environment. How is this done?

All CellAdam agents are capable of unmasking cancerous cells through a membrane active effect. Symbolically speaking, the mask of cancerous cell is removed, so it becomes recognizable for the immune system of the organism.

 The anti-proliferation effect of the Celladam agent impedes the multiplication of the cancerous cells. If the restoration is successful, the originally cancerous cell becomes capable of functioning (by differentiation) like other cells in its environment, i.e. it heals. If restoration of communication fails, e.g. due to very strong deviance, the immune system kills the individual cell and removes it from the organism.

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