Most tumoral diseases can be prevented and a large percentage can even be cured, yet each year, thousands of people still die.
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Most tumoral diseases can be prevented and a large percentage can even be cured, yet each year, thousands of people still die.

To learn how you can help yourself, your relatives and loved ones, click for more details

What does the word cancer mean in people’s minds? Why do we fear of this term?
Should we give up the possibility to win when facing cancer?
Perhaps it is despondency what makes us incurable. Is that the way it should be?

Deifnitely not. Whe are hopeless only if we give up the fight.
Many people think they cannot do anything when doctors are helpless.
But your life is more important to you than to doctors. For them you are just one of many patients, and If you drop out there still remains enough.
It is your task to face the disease.f
And believe me, you have the chance to win!
However, whithout knowing the enemy we start at a disadvantage, so let’s see what we are dealing with.

Short description of the disease and its evolution.

Few pople know that in our body abnormal cells constantly arise. However a well-functioning immune system can effectively destroy them and thus preserve our health.

Why does a cell replicate in an abnormal way? And how does it develope to being a tumor?

Any tissue cell can become a tumor-inducing cell if it is exposed to an effect which causes changes in its genome. This can be a physical, psychological, chemical, biological, etc. external or internal effect.
In general, the combined effect of several factors is required for the formation of a tumor.

Simply put, the pathologically altered cells isolate themselves from their environment, thus the intercellular communication disappears, then they build around themselves a husk and they begin to multiply uncontrollably. To do this, the cell consumes energy and substances needed for subsistence.

The malignant cells that split off the tumor can drift to new places via the cardiovascular and lymphatic system or directly through the cells causing the so-called metastasis.

What tools is ’traditional’ medicine using today?

Treatments and therapies of the present day and their side effects.


If the tumor is relatively small, there is no metastasis and it’s easily accessible, the safest treatment is to remove the tumor and the surrounding tissue. In most of the surgeries the lymph nodes located near the tumor are also removed as the first metastases can arise here.

Surgery can be also made in later stages, when the intervention is applied in order to remove the vast part of the tumor, to increase the efficacy of other therapies /radius, chemo/ and to reduce the burden over the body’s immune system. Although this is a contradiction, since radiation and chemotherapy cause damage not just on the tumor but on the immune system as well.

The greatest risk of surgical intervention is that it weakens the organism and increases the deformed cells’ chances to reach the cardiovascular system.


Radiotherapy is the second most common used procedure to treat cancer. Only a few of the patients survive the radiation.

The aim of radiotherapy used right before surgery is to reduce the size of the tumor, and to facilitate the surgery. The goal of the treatment after the surgery is to destroy the dispersed and deformed cells which remained in the organism and the prevention of metastasis.

Usually radiation happens from an axternal source, but it may radiate from an ineternal source placed in the organism of the patient

During the radiation therapy the patient is exposed to a high-energy ionizing radiation. This causes the destruction of the genome of the cells. In other words this means that it eliminates tumor cells by inhibiting cell division. At the same time radiation can not distinguish healthy cells from deviant ones and damages both at the same extent.

Radiation therapy is usually made locally, so the side effects can occur mainly in the treated area. After treatment the patient may feel sick, vomit, or an esophageal mucosal inflammation can happen. External effects may be redness, burn of the skin, dehydration and fatigue. Many years later the tumor may reappear and this can be a late efect of the therapy


The aim of chemotherapy is that the patient is treated with drugs (cytotoxins and cytostatics) which inhibit the growth of cancer cells or directly kill them.

It can be applied as an independent treatment /e.g.in cases of leukemia/ but patients usually get it combined /surgery, radiation, chemo/. Many times it is used before surgeries in order to reduce the tumor and thus it can be removed in an easier way.

Chemotherapy has many harmful effects since the chemotherapeutic agents damage not only the cancer cells but the healthy ones as well.

They attack particularly the rapidly proliferating cells.

The most well-known side effects of the therapy are vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, difficulty in swallowing, itching, sensitivity to sunlight, anemia, bleeding, some effects on fertility, hair loss, susceptibility to infections and so on. Just to mention the common ones.

Immunotherapy, biotherapy

Besides the traditional treatments the most rapidly developing method against cancer is immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy fights against cancer by supporting the body\'s own defense system with the help of external materials injected to the organism.

Immunotherapy is a new, currently emerging therapeutic approach, which is becoming part of the biological therapy. Biological therapy tries to influence the responses of the organism to the disease in a way that it puts them in service of the fight against cancer.

Unlike the previous methods, bioligical therapies have no harmful side effects.

Biotherapy is one of the oldest and most predominant method of the Celladam system.

To succesfully win over this cruel disease we have to solve the following problems:

The fight against cancer has three main areas which have a huge influence on the outcome of the disease. The system of Celladam provides you good alternatives in all of this areas instead of applying painful and unsucessful methods.

The three areas are the following:


It is important to emphasize the significance of prevention. In case of cancer the two remaining areas cannot restore the mistakes made by not trying to prevent it.

Our lifestyle, our eating habits, the purity of the water we drink and the air we breath, our physical and mental status, our family circumstances, and our economical circumstances are all part of the prevention. We can influence some of these but unfortunately there are some which do not depend on us. Their effect on us depends on our adaptability. Unfortunately thank to a constant negative athmosphere you can lose your flexibility..

The preparations of Celladam are effective tools of prevention because they do not have negative side effects and thus they can be applied wihout any risk, even in case of an uncertain diagnosis unlike chemotherapy.


It is known that the chances to survive grow if the diagnosis is made on time. Unfortunately the current clinical methods find the sings of the disease too late and they are very expensive so the mass use of them becomes too difficult. Therefore their role in prevention is negligible. The use of the cancer screening systems is not optimal and they only provide inoformation about the type of cancer. They are not capable for a more extensive general screening which is the prerequisite of effective prevention.

The Celladam test provides you information in such early state, that -with some external help- the process can be easily reversed.


We have alredy mentioned the methods of traditional healing.

According to the statistics the number of survivors are under 50%. Whats more, these statistics concern people who are still alive five years after the clinical treatment as „healed’ patients even if they are bidridden and they are going to die in a few days. In many cases in the statistics the cause of death is not directly cancer but oder reasons like pneumonia, heart failure etc.

Statistics are not good. Ther are 50.000-60.000 new patients and 30.-35.000 of them die anually. This is the population of a medium-sized city. The multitude of emotionally and financially destroyed familes show that this is not the right way.

The 30 year experience of Celladam show that this preparations can help.

Seeing the difficulties of the medical care It is obvious that the only solution of the problem is prevention. But you cannot expect help from someone else. It is your task to preseve your health.

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