Most tumoral diseases can be prevented and a large percentage can even be cured, yet each year, thousands of people still die.
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 Please read carefully the last declaration WHO made :

The globe is facing a "tidal...
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Father Kozma is the Hungarian Representative of the Knights of Malta. He has been aware of the story of CellAdam since almost the very beginning and has been one of the initiators of the groups of friends surrounding CellAdam. The clergyman,...

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“My mother refused the routine treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) even after her lung and breast surgeries. She decided to take CellAdam instead. She is doing great. She eats well and is able to take care of herself."

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I wish to say a thank you again for my healing. When I had my second ultrasound and x-ray, it turned out that the metastasis in my left armpit has vanished, my internal organs and lungs are clear and the tumor is shrinking.

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Thank you for my life, thank you for CellAdam! I have been taking CellAdam since January 29, 1989, which is exactly the time I began to need it. To this very day, I take it every single day. I wouldn’t be alive if I wasn’t taking it.

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Faith Goldy's Testimonial Who is running for Major of Toronto, Canada

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